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Tell Us How You Really Feel

I always enjoy stopping by Janet Reid’s blog. She recently posted an answer to a question regarding paid book reviews. While I could paraphrase it, I’ll let you read her own words.¬†

I agree with her 100%. There appears to be a whole cottage industry designed to separate gullible writers from their money. Writers should spend money on editing, cover design, typesetting and eBook formatting, but never on book reviews. I would also avoid, as Ms. Reid mentions, anything that bundles marketing with a book review; you’ve heard the saying don’t eat where you crap? If you want an easy, relatively speaking, way to get honest reviews, sign up for a Goodreads author account and setup a give-a-way. Sadly you will not get 100% of the people providing a review but you will get many and they will be honest.

This Kind of Cheesed Me Off

Wired magazine has started a new feature that pokes fun at self-published eBooks. Introducing Our Reviews of Absurd Self-published e-Books I am not sure if I should hail it as a great service to us as independent authors or be offended. The latter seems closer to me. In truth there are far too many books that should have remained locked in their author’s subconscious. For some reason these authors had the courage and the dedication to bring these works to light and I commend them. I just wished they had listened to those of us who stress the importance of editing and rewriting.

My main problem is this. Can independent authors ever escape the stigma of being the farm league of the big five publishers while putting out stuff that is so ripe for mocking? If something like the attention given to them by Wired and sites like Kindle Cover Disasters helps further developing authors along, or at the very least, avoid some of these missteps then I can see it as a good. If instead it becomes a race to write the worst book just for the 15 seconds of fame from a mention in Wired, then independents only have themselves to blame for not being taken seriously.

The Reviews are Coming In

This week I received some of my first reviews for In the Presence of Gods. I want to give a shout out to Hales for her review on Amazon and her blog, My Love of Reading. I also have a couple of ratings up on Goodreads. Thanks to Crystal and her review and Samantha Tew for giving it a 4 star rating. I feel good inside learning that people are reading my work and enjoying it.

Also checkout The Reader-ship where In the Presence of Gods has been featured. It is a great site to learn about new eBooks and even get free weekly copies.