I received my first box of books this week. On the one hand it means I need to hit the bricks and get selling, something, I must confess, I am not very good at. On the other hand it means that Undead Heart is truly complete. I like the sound and feeling of that. Sales so far have been better than my other books and I can’t be happier. I do have a sales promotion coming up in about a week in the Amazon Kindle Store. Also if anyone would like a signed copy message me on Facebook and we can work something out.


Vincent A. Alascia is the author of, “Undead Heart,” “In the Presence of Gods,” and, “Xristos: Chosen of God,” available on Kindle and paperback as well as works that have appeared in anthologies and online. Originally an East Coast native, he makes his home in the Phoenix Arizona area with his wife where he is an active member of the West Valley Writers’ Workshop and a librarian at the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.

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