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Don’t Push That Button

Going through my RSS feed from Problogger.net, I came across this little gem. Stop. Don’t post that post! 7 questions to ask before you hit publish.

I think all bloggers could use a list of these rules taped right to their computer monitor. Since I do a lot of blogging on my tablet I’ll tape one there too. The biggest rule that I tend to go by is if the post is something I would share if I came across it. I have a few posts sitting in the perpetual, “draft,” drawer because after I wrote them, I came back and didn’t even feel like editing them. I have learned that not all post are created equal. Now I have a check list to look at when I am faced with a post that I’m just not sure about.

Guest Post: How to Write a Book from Beginning to End

For this month’s guest post I have a little bit of information from author Eris Kelli for any writer still on the fence about starting that first book.

How to Write a Book from Beginning to End

By Eris Kelli

The most popular topic for authors to write about is how to get published. It’s a great topic, but so many of us jump the gun. You will never, ever, ever publish a book no matter how awesome it is, if it isn’t finished.

So why haven’t you finished your novel? Here are some of my old reasons and other that I’ve been given.

  • No time.
  • My computer is having problems.
  • I’m still working on my outline.
  • I can’t get started.

Here is my advice and you can take it or leave it.

As far as not having time goes, if you can carve twenty minutes out of your day, then you have time. It’s true just hang in there with me, and I’ll tell you.

If you were to write one page a day without fail you would have 365 page book at the end of one year. Hey, it’s a book more than no book at all next year, right? And I believe once you get rolling on it’ll be more than just a page a day.

The thing is if you really want to write you’ll find a way.

I am a busy mother of two. If I were to try to sit down at my computer while my youngest was about, he’d attack the keyboard. I had to write! So, I carried a notebook with me and wrote the old-fashioned way. Typing it later once my little ones were down for the night was a chore, but now I have Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth.

If it’s trouble getting started, don’t stress it. Just begin and keep going. Nothing is in stone. You can return later and perfect your beginning, middle, or end. I went back and re-wrote the beginning for Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth, six times and even more with other books I’ve written.

If this sounds like work, you don’t want to do than writing may not be your thing. If you love it and want it, then you have to do the work which comes after the book is written, believe me!

I had the best time writing, Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth. Not only did I get to go on a great romantic adventure with Piper, who is a fun young woman to tag along with, but I got to explore the Gypsy culture and experience magic!

My wish for you is a great writing adventure of your own. I hope you’ll get the chance to read Piper Levine, A Gypsy’s Truth and feel free to find me on Facebook and tell me what you think. Until then, happy writing and exciting reading.

About “Piper Levine, A Gypsy’s Truth”

Cover photo: Piper LeVine, A Gypsy's TruthPiper LeVine is the daughter of wealthy Senator, Harold and Katrine, or so she thought. When a stranger arrives in the night and throws her identity into question, Piper must uncover the secrets of her true origin.

Treacherous demons from a past she never knew she had are coming for her and only the Gypsies know how to deal with the monsters of myth.

Nicholas proves less than truthful from the get-go, but who can she hold onto amongst a sea of mystic if not hostile strangers? He is dangerous, captivating, and the only one who she knows that will stand against the creatures of the dark that seek her.

In search for the truth Piper will find more than her identity. She will discover her destiny, what she is made of, and the family that determines her fate.

About the Author

Author: Eris KelliEris Kelli grew up in the Pacific Northwest as the youngest of eight children. Her writing is fueled by her love of adventure, learning and her drive to explore an idea. She now resides in Midwest America, with her husband, 2 beautiful children, and happy old dog. Currently she is fast at work on the third book in the Piper LeVine Series.

My book will be for sale on Amazon:www.amazon.com

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Connect with Eris Kelli:
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Guest Post: How to Conduct a Blog Tour

Guest post from T.K. Harris author of Phantom Dreams

Blogs. There are millions of them. Literally. Blogs exist for every passion, every interest. Gaming, cooking, dieting, clubbing, comedy, politics and the list goes on and on. And then there are blogs for reading and writing. Blogs created by people who love reading and like recommending books. Reader blogs that enjoy giving reviews and interviews. Blogs created by writers to promote their own books, many of which will promote books written by other writers. And in those categories are even more detailed blogs. Fantasy only blogs, Sci-Fi, romance, Mystery, etc. And you would think, with all of these blogs that putting together a blog tour would be easy! Ha!

Let’s just say that after a very long time of trying it on my own – with just a few responses – I decided to reach out to Kitty at GMTA Publishing with a loud cry of “PLEASE HELP!” And what a difference! Kitty put together in a matter of hours and days what I couldn’t accomplish in months. And along the way, I’ve learned a few things about what it takes to put together a good blog tour. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Have a website! There are so many places where you can register for a domain and purchase hosting for a small fee. And many of them have templates to help even those not used to designing a website, put one together. Make sure your website has your book information and “buy” page that includes links to all the places your book can be purchased. You will also want a contact form so people can send you emails. There are many other things you can include, but at least have these!
  2. Have a good book cover designed (I used a graphic designer on Elance.com for $50.00) and be ready to supply the cover, a profile pic, bio, synopsis of your book and all your social and buy links.
  3. Have a few 200-500 word articles around writing or tips on writing. Mine have covered  everything from how I wrote Phantom Dreams to where the idea came from, how I gathered my beta readers and articles like this one.
  4. Check the blog’s site and try to get a feel for the audience and then reach out to the blog host and ask them what they or their readers would like. Whenever possible, ask them to review your book.
  5. If the blog prefers interviews, take the time to answer the questions thoughtfully. Of course, have fun with it too.
  6. Ask if the blog host can set up a competition for a free give away of one copy of your book. (Be sure to send it to the winner in a non-editable format – .epub or .mobi should work)
  7. Before the event begins, get a Facebook page dedicated to your book and promote it to everyone you know. Leave it open to the public.
  8. Put together an Event page in Facebook about the tour and invite people to it. You can Google how to set up pages and events in Facebook
  9. If you have a Twitter account and time to do it, start tweeting about the Tour.
  10. In all your promotions, ask for page likes or, better yet, likes on your buy sites!
  11. The day before each blog stop, promote it on all channels.
  12. On the day of, stop by and leave a comment thanking the blog host for having you and encouraging comments on the blog site. This helps numbers for you and the blog host!

A few things to note. Blog Tours will not necessarily increase your sales. Blog Tours do two things. A) Get your name and links out there. The more your book is mentioned the more it will be pulled in by search engines and, hopefully, avid readers and publishers. B) Get you reviews. Ask for this as much as possible, preferably on the sites where your book is sold. However, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles both allow you to add reviews from other sources. If you do this, be sure to include links back to the page of the person who reviewed it.

Lastly, be prepared to be active during the Blog Tour, they can be busy! And, when it’s over, celebrate! This significant event can be the beginning of creating the buzz you need to sell, sell, sell!

Good luck!

About the Author

T.K. Harris, who currently lives in Colorado, is a Solutions Architect, teacher, and full-time mother. She has been a story teller since she could talk and has had several short stories purchased by professional magazines such as Woman’s World. She is excited that her first novel – Phantom Dreams – has now been published.

It’s a Sign

I wanted to congratulate my longest held friend Thomas Fatone on the publication of his new book, The Signs of Connecticut. As a native of the Nutmeg State I remember seeing plenty of these blue signs on various road sides. I also remember Tom talking about photographing all of them. Figures the city of our youth would be the most troublesome. (You’ll have to buy the book for that story.) Now that the book is out I can see why he was so excited about it. Talk about living history. Looking through the book I had many moments of, “I remember that place.” So even if you aren’t up on your Connecticut geography this is still a neat memoir of one kid from Bridgeport’s trek east, west, north and south across the state, culminating in a meeting with the Governor at the last sign to be photographed, the City of Hartford.

Is Blogging a Waste of Time

I came across this post from Meghan Ward about the role Blogging may play in interesting a publisher. I think to that end you may be just spinning your wheels but any activity that gets you writing and making connections is only beneficial. The important thing is a healthy dose of reality and keeping your expectations in check. http://t.co/VBpECy3o