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It’s Phoenix Comicon Time Again

The Phoenix Comicon 2016annual high time for nerds in the valley has arrived, and in a couple of days I will be with my better half at the Phoenix Convention Center for all the nerdy goodness on display. I always have mixed feelings about this. One the one hand I want to have fun and the freedom to go to all the panels and sessions I can squeeze in. On the other hand I feel like I’m passing up the best opportunity of the year to make contacts, fans, and sell some books. Conventions of any size can be a great opportunity, but they can also be an expensive one. For one the size of Phoenix Comicon you’re looking at a table costing around $500. That’s why many of my author friends chip in and combine their books to cut that cost down and take turns staffing the table.

Having a place to sell your books is only one part of the experience. Conventions are a great time to network with other authors. I’ve done this a bit at Phoenix, but overall it is not a very good venue for self-published authors. For one it’s hard to fight for visibility among all that bombards attendees. Another is the company that runs the convention does not offer any panels on self-publishing, nor are self-published authors asked to contribute as at other smaller conventions. On the other hand the excitement of the place always rekindles a spark of creativity that keeps me writing through the dog days of an Arizona summer. So if you’re in town maybe I’ll see you there.

Surviving a Con

Conventions come in all sizes and themes.  Phoenix Comicon is about as big a convention that I have attended.  Even back in the day with my Star Trek conventions, I have not attended something as large as Phoenix has become. The first year we attended my wife and I managed to get a room the same day as  the start of the convention. That doesn’t happen any more.

The first step to surviving a Con, make your arrangements ahead of time. If you need a room, get one sooner rather than later. Figure out what you want to do while there and set your schedule. Now this comes close to becoming too regimented and the serendipity of coming across something unexpected is not to be underestimated. Balance is good to avoid missing the stuff you came for and at the same time not feeling like you are back in school.

Make sure you dress comfortably. If you are coming in costume you will be in it for several hours so make sure it is comfortable and that you can satisfy your bodily functions. Astronaut diapers will only get you so far. Even if you forgo the costume wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You will be on your feat ALOT. Which brings me to my final point. Get used to standing in line.  There may, there will be, lines to get into sessions, get autographs or photos, to get food and maybe even get the elevator to your room. Be comfortable being around people and remember your enjoyment is is no less important than the other person’s.

Phoenix Comicon 13 – How Awesome was That

The crowd at Phoenix Comicon Sat. May 25, 2013.
The crowd at Phx Comicon Sat. May 25, 2013.

Phoenix Comicon approached fast and went by even faster. My spouse and I attended Friday to Sunday. We had just left and missed the fire alarm (thankfully). I enjoyed all of the sessions I took part in and meeting some of the writers down in the Exhibit Hall. I even learned a bit. All of my panels were well attended and a blast. I especially enjoyed the, “How Star Trek Changed the World,” panel. We had some great discussions. And to think I owe it all to answering a call for panelists on Facebook.

I can remember, not too long ago, when I was on the other side of the table as a fan discussing my favorite shows with the experts. I feel a little funny calling myself an expert but as I learned this weekend I do know a great deal about Star Trek. More than that, I know what it is like to be a fan, buy the DVD’s, collectibles, dress in the costumes and drop what I’m doing to watch an episode for the Xth time. That is what makes events such as Comicon so special. Where else can you gather 40,000+ fans of, well, you name it and it was there? I know it is some 360 days away but I am already looking forward to next year.

Starfleet's first visit to Mos Eisley does not go as planned
Starfleet’s first visit to Mos Eisley does not go as planned.
how star trek changed the world panel
How Star Trek Changed the World panel


2 days to Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix ComiconHope you have your costumes ready it is going to be awesome. I just wanted to remind everyone I’ll be speaking on three Star Trek panels.

How Star Trek Changed the World Friday 3:00 room 128

Deep Space 9 20 Years Later Friday 4:30 room 128

Aliens of Star Trek Sunday 10:30 room 128

Be sure to stop by. I am really excited for the DS9 panel. That show has always been my favorite Star Trek series so this should be a good talk. You can see the full schedule of events here. http://www.phoenixcomicon.com/programming


Phoenix Comicon is Coming

phx_comiconThe annual Nerdvanna that is Phoenix Comicon is rapidly approaching; May 23 – 26. I will be in costumed attendance Friday to Sunday. I always enjoy this event and have had a great time every year. This marks the first year that I will be participating in events. I have been given the opportunity to sit on three panel discussions. I am very excited at the opportunity.

The panels all are within the Star Trek universe, they are:

  • How Star Trek Changed Science Fiction – Friday at 3:00 pm
  • Deep Space Nine 20 Years Later – Friday at 4:30 pm
  • Aliens of Star Trek – Saturday at 10:30 am

Please check the official program for the room locations.

If you guessed that I am a huge Star Trek fan you would be correct. I am honored to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and love of Star Trek. So if you find yourself at Comicon this year stop by and join in the discussion.

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Phoenix Comicon 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012 LogoI spent the weekend wandering the halls and exhibitor space of Phoenix Comicon. I get such a warm spot in my heart when I see so many fans of comics, sci-fi and all things geek. How great is it that there is a place we can all make our pilgrimage to once a year, renew old bonds, celebrate our idols and buy cool stuff? Lots of cool stuff. I always come away from these events with such a charge of inspiration. I could probably take the next couple of weeks off from work just jotting down all the cool story ideas. I went this year as a fan, maybe next year I will get a table for my books. I still haven’t graduated from writer to marketer just yet. I am hoping to have both Undead Heart and The 4th Prometheus for sale by next year’s event, there is only 360 days to go.


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