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So It Begins

It is NaNoWriMo time again. https://nanowrimo.org/ What am I doing? Nohting. Nadda. I’ve been writing free for a couple months now. Maybe one day the words will come back. Right now I’ll just be playing my guitar. So good luck to all who take up the challenge. Just remember writing a novel is only the first part.

Get Writing

Once again the cries of, “trick or treat,” have died down and the shelves of candy and costumes in the stores is being replaced by Christmas paper. That can only mean one thing. It’s National Novel Writing Month. Head over to Writers Write to download their handy calendar to keep track of your progress. http://writerswrite.co.za/nanowrimo-calendar-organise-and-conquer

Myself, I am not participating as I have already started my latest novel and have three others working thier way through editing. I salute those who take up the challenge and admire those who complete it. Qa-plah’