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This Is It

the fourth prometheusThese are the last 7 days to get in on my Kickstarter campaign. It’s your final chance to see your name listed among the believers in my latest work, The Fourth Prometheus. Take a moment and click over to Kickstarter and look at the available options and commitments to back my project. The time is winding down. As a special bonus I’ve updated the project with the first chapter so you can get a sample of the book.


Campaign Update

My Kickstarter campaign for The Fourth Prometheus continues on. I decided to giver backers and potential backers alike a taste for the novel I will add an update a week with a page from the book. The first one went out last night so I decided to add it here as well. Enjoy.


The burst of steam coming off the machine left Giselle’s cheeks red. She was used to the sting and hot steam, hot metal, the smell of burning oil, pretty much anything that a mechanic of her ability and expertise would have encountered. To the people of Boston the name Mathers was equally famous for her father the scientist and Giselle the metal worker artisan. She tightened a couple more screws and ran the oil line back around the metal strut. Soon her Father’s greatest design would be ready, if it didn’t kill her first. Giselle ran her sleeve over her face sopping up the moisture on her cheeks. She caught her reflection in the chrome of the machine. Her green eyes wide and youthful played behind her high cheekbones and beneath a mound of tight red curls held firmly in place in a tight French braid with both barrette and pins. Good looks ran in her family but it was her scientific mind that she most treasured. She reached over and pressed the ivory button beside the flashing red acorn light on her workstation panel. “What is it, Leland?”

“Sorry for the intrusion, but Drs. Forester and Bach would like a word with you in the drawing room.”

“Oh for the love of General Grant. I am right in the middle of finishing up the cooling system.”

“I assured them that this unannounced visit would not be welcome.”

“You still let them in.”

“To not do so would have been rude. Will you be joining them?”

Giselle tossed her screwdriver onto her work bench. “I will be right down.” She then threw her gloves and goggles to their places on her bench among the sprockets, work gears and spring tensioners.

Giselle reached for the leather ties on her apron but decided to leave it in place. She did let her hair down and welcomed the feeling of it on the back of her neck and shoulders. She took her finger and dabbed a bit of grease from one end of the machine and applied a generous smudge across her right cheek. No point in not looking as busy as she was.

As she entered the room Leland handed her a glass of water. She smiled at him and then looked at her visitors.

“Dr. Mathers your last report to the commission has some severe holes in it would you not say?”

“Not holes, Boris, missing information.”

Dr. Foster cleared his throat. “Missing information then, how do you account for this?”

Giselle walked over to the window across from the entrance. “Would you prefer missing information or erroneous information?”

“The Foundation would prefer a completed project, fully documented and delivered with no further delays.”


So this week I completed the first draft of my Steampunk novel, The Fourth Prometheus. I am quite happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to see what my editor thinks. It could be the start of a series, I like the characters enough to revisit them at least. I also think the twist at the end opens the story up for more. Look for this sometime in 2014.cover the fourth prometheus

Phoenix Comicon 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012 LogoI spent the weekend wandering the halls and exhibitor space of Phoenix Comicon. I get such a warm spot in my heart when I see so many fans of comics, sci-fi and all things geek. How great is it that there is a place we can all make our pilgrimage to once a year, renew old bonds, celebrate our idols and buy cool stuff? Lots of cool stuff. I always come away from these events with such a charge of inspiration. I could probably take the next couple of weeks off from work just jotting down all the cool story ideas. I went this year as a fan, maybe next year I will get a table for my books. I still haven’t graduated from writer to marketer just yet. I am hoping to have both Undead Heart and The 4th Prometheus for sale by next year’s event, there is only 360 days to go.


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The 4th Prometheus Rises

This weekend I completed the rough draft of Part I of my next novel, The 4th Prometheus. I’m telling everyone this is a Steampunk take on the Frankenstein story. It has some twists and turns and some of my best characters (of course I would think that.) I am anxious to begin the second and third parts. Since I do not write with an outline I am curious to see where the story goes, I have a rough idea and some key scenes but once I am in the heat of the writing anything can happen.

I am still on track to have my second novel, In the Presence of Gods out by September 1oth if not sooner. So check back soon to see when it’s up.