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All Apologies Ms. Griffin

I know I’m a little behind with the blogging and this is probably old news by now but something that struck me. I understand that anyone in the public’s eye has a very unique position in that a few seconds coupled with a stupid decision can really alter their world. The problem is those decisions come so quickly, would anyone of us recognize one? I know I’ve made a flippant remark or two that I later regretted. The benefit of someone in my case is my circle is so small that remark disappears. Even should I post a picture, my level of celebrity is such that seconds later that picture is swallowed up and lost to the cacophony of the Internet. That may not always be true. I guess a part of me should hope to be so famous that my stupid decisions become news worthy and set off a flood of commentary. Oh the things I could say. In the end, though, stupidity shouldn’t be front page, or even third screen news. Wouldn’t that be a great word to live in? I know I’m a dreamer, but then again wasn’t the Internet created by a bunch of dreamers?


Mark the Date

SciFi/Fantasy Authors Panel & Writers’ Workshop

Saturday October 11th, 2014
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Red Mountain Library – Think Spot
635 N. Power Road Mesa, Az.
(480) 644-3100

I will be part of a panel of local Science Fiction authors for a discussion on current trends and the process of writing Science Fiction. Joining me on this panel will be. Seating is limited so be sure to register at events.mesalibrary.org. Joining me will be:

So come on by and join the discussion. Afterwards all the authors will b eon hand to sign copies of their books.

Calling All Arizona Authors

books on smartphoneWe are just 11 days away from the opening of submissions to the 2015 OneBookAz contest. Submissions will be accepted from the first of October until the fourteenth. There are three categories, Adult, Teen and Kids. The contest is open to all Arizona authors. For more information please visit OneBookAz.org. This is a great opportunity to get your work in front of a broad audience.

It’s At the Library

Something that I think independent writers overlook is the possibility of getting their books in their local library. Whether or not this results in future sales is open for discussion but at this point it simply comes under the topic of affirmation. I have my books available in the Avondale Public Library and at the Estrella Foothills High School Library and get a warm feeling when I see them on the shelf. The link below is an interesting article with some tips on getting your books on the shelf at your local library.


By the Numbers

You may have wondered, is it rude to ask a writer how many books he or she has sold? One might think it is more polite to ask a writer if he or she picks their nose when no one is looking than ask about book sales. Talking about things like sales numbers and returns on investment sounds more like business talk and not the usual artistic talk shared among proper purveyors of the written word.

Before one enters any kind of business venture it is prudent to inquire as much as he or she should. Just as long as that business isn’t writing and selling books. Well I am going to pierce the mists of secrecy surrounding my sales.   To date I have sold 54 copies of Undead Heart considering that it has only been out for 5 months that is an average of 10 books a month. The bad news is those numbers are going down. As expected, the longer the book is on the market the less it sells. I have also found that in person sales are much higher than anything from Amazon or Createspace.

I’m sharing this not to brag or ask for sympathy, but to make one point. By the time Undead Heart hit Amazon I had already finished the first draft of my next book, the rough draft of Undead Heart’s sequel and was about half way through my latest book. Suffice it to say to me, at least, Undead Heart was old business.

Another thing, I am not very good at marketing myself. The question I still haven’t answered is would hiring  a professional help? Would it even pay for itself? When it comes to Amazon.com my books are very small fish in an ocean that stretches beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend it’s boundaries. So let these numbers stand for what they are, whether it is a caution or inspiration. Always love what you write, love to write and don’t let anything persuade you otherwise. For me writing is something I do whether or not I sell a single book. The good news is I am just one of hundreds, thousands, millions of other writers in this same spot. Technology finally allows us to get our works on the market, sometimes we are even able to network, make appearances, give interviews and almost feel like the authors we dreamed we’d be. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t fun.

My Panels at Leprecon 2014

12x18_print_templateI just confirmed I will be sitting in on two panels Sunday afternoon at Leprecon. I will have my table down in the vending room all beginning Friday May 9th in the evening and into Sunday, May 11th. I’ll be signing books and chatting, but no singing, (sorry). Stop by, it will be a great time.


How would our world be different is Rome never fell, or the South negotiated a draw, or if they built a full sized replica of the USS Enterprise in Las Vegas instead of the Fremont Street Experience?  Can you change one small detail and change the world? Or are the currents of history so deep as to be ultimately inevitable?

Time / Room:

Sunday 12:00 p.m. Ballroom B (please check on day)


Rick Cook; Jamie Wyman; Vincent A. Alascia

What’s My Genre?

Bring your story concept, and our experts will tell you what genre it actually belongs in and why.

Time / Room:

Sunday 2:00 p.m. Ballroom E (please check on day)


Emily Devenport; Sharon Skinner; JoAnna Senger; Vincent A. Alascia


So this week I completed the first draft of my Steampunk novel, The Fourth Prometheus. I am quite happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to see what my editor thinks. It could be the start of a series, I like the characters enough to revisit them at least. I also think the twist at the end opens the story up for more. Look for this sometime in 2014.cover the fourth prometheus

Why Isn’t Your Book Selling

So you spent the last eight, twelve, eighteen, thirty-six months, working, slaving, sweating and bleeding into your manuscript pages. Your characters are so real they are now a part of your life. The plot is honed, buffed and not a hole in sight. Your style is so well crafted that the prose dances off the page. The book hits Amazon and only your mom buys a copy. Houston we have a problem. What the fudge could have gone wrong? What could these people be looking for? What could you possible have forgotten? What does a writer have to do to sell some books in this crazy digital tromping traditional publishing environment?

I chose my first two books on Amazon primarily because they were never going to find a home with an agent or traditional publisher. They don’t really fit into a clear genre and would have a small audience no matter what. So they were my experiment and I did not have really high expectations. That being said, my sales have have lived up to those expectations. I have since raised them for my next book, Undead Heart, so I eagerly read this article when one of my fellow writers shared it with me. Thank you Gale. The article is from The Creative Pen and I urge you to add it to your RSS feed, as it is a great resource.

“Help my book isn’t selling. What can I do?”

I flirted with some of these ten tips previously but for my next book I am working my hardest to use every single one. Some of these will involve spending money and that is the hardest thing to wrestle with. How much is enough to spend and how much is too much? You must always be aware of the return on your investment. They key to being a professional is to think like one. Spending more than you can or should reasonably expect to make is just bad business. But as the saying goes it takes money to make money. I think I might append that to say, “it takes money to make money and treating your work as a professional is the first step to being professional.”