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Doomed By Self-Publishing?

This was a great little piece I found on Janet Reid’s blog. Will Self Publishing Doom ME? I think it is a question facing many new unsigned authors. I have fielded a few myself and I never felt that I have doomed my writing by self-publishing. Notice I didn’t say career, my career is still in the library, mostly because I am not that good a sales person. You know self-publishing is only the first step. To have any measure of success you need to invest time and money into marketing and selling your book. You need to make contacts and pound the bricks. None of these are my strong point so I’ll just bask in the reviews and good word of mouth my books have afforded me and put off worrying about stellar numbers. Follow this link to read Janet’s take on this question: http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/2017/02/will-self-publishing-doom-me.html

2014 In Numbers

All totaled I sold 64 copies of my books in 2014. After printing, table fees, and taxes I was in the hole for $63 bucks for the year. Being an optimist I like to think of that as pretty good for the cost of my hobby over the year. Looking ahead I have doubled my book sales over each succeeding year so I am really excited for 2015.
I know when I was thinking about going into self publishing I looked everywhere for information on what to expect. Naturally my expectations far exceeded the reality and they still do. It is in that spirt that I am sharing this with you. Your year might have been better or it might have been worse. I know if I had gone to some more events I would have sold more books but I had to consider the cost of the event and what I would have to sell to break even. I’m planning on having 2 books launch in 2015 so I hope to be back here telling you that the streak continues.

Author Earnings October Report

This quarter’s Authors’ Earning report begins with an interesting examination on what Kindle Unlimited borrows can do for the author’s projected earnings. As for me I only have one title in Kindle Unlimited and have seen nothing from it. Still you should read through the report to get a feel for what is happening in the marvelous world of eBook sales. http://authorearnings.com/report/october-2014-author-earnings-report-2/

By the Numbers

You may have wondered, is it rude to ask a writer how many books he or she has sold? One might think it is more polite to ask a writer if he or she picks their nose when no one is looking than ask about book sales. Talking about things like sales numbers and returns on investment sounds more like business talk and not the usual artistic talk shared among proper purveyors of the written word.

Before one enters any kind of business venture it is prudent to inquire as much as he or she should. Just as long as that business isn’t writing and selling books. Well I am going to pierce the mists of secrecy surrounding my sales.   To date I have sold 54 copies of Undead Heart considering that it has only been out for 5 months that is an average of 10 books a month. The bad news is those numbers are going down. As expected, the longer the book is on the market the less it sells. I have also found that in person sales are much higher than anything from Amazon or Createspace.

I’m sharing this not to brag or ask for sympathy, but to make one point. By the time Undead Heart hit Amazon I had already finished the first draft of my next book, the rough draft of Undead Heart’s sequel and was about half way through my latest book. Suffice it to say to me, at least, Undead Heart was old business.

Another thing, I am not very good at marketing myself. The question I still haven’t answered is would hiring  a professional help? Would it even pay for itself? When it comes to Amazon.com my books are very small fish in an ocean that stretches beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend it’s boundaries. So let these numbers stand for what they are, whether it is a caution or inspiration. Always love what you write, love to write and don’t let anything persuade you otherwise. For me writing is something I do whether or not I sell a single book. The good news is I am just one of hundreds, thousands, millions of other writers in this same spot. Technology finally allows us to get our works on the market, sometimes we are even able to network, make appearances, give interviews and almost feel like the authors we dreamed we’d be. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t fun.