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Worry About Something Else

I came across a post from Author Nathan Bransford that made me think. You can read it here http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2012/06/why-writers-shouldnt-be-paranoid-about.html With all the things writers have to worry about should posting your query online be one of them? No way. No how. One of the best things to come out of this series of tubes we call the internet is the support that communities bring to their members. Like it or not as a writer you are a member of a community. Use it, participate in it. You can only benefit from it.

Another thought, and this ties into the many questions I have seen asked about copyrighting work before showing it to other writers, is something I had to learn the hard way. Very few ideas are that truly unique. Also until your idea sells 50,000 copies it probably isn’t a good one. (I am being positive by adding the, “probably,” in that last sentence. In truth no ideas are good without the sales to show for it.) As Mr. Bransford says in the post, “The success of your book will hinge on the quality of its execution, not on the originality of the idea.” Truer words have never been spoken.

So worry about how you are going to finish the last half of the chapter your started this morning. Or worry about whether or not you can sell a protagonist who is an introverted sex addict. Worry about the fact that your main character has two different spellings for their last name but for the love of the universe do not worry about someone stealing your idea. I am reminded of a vulgar truism that equates opinions to a certain body part that plays a role in the digestive track. As writers we all have more ideas than we can make stories of, all without having to steal each others. Don’t let fear of someone stealing your story idea keep you from participating in the writers’ community.

It’s a Sign

I wanted to congratulate my longest held friend Thomas Fatone on the publication of his new book, The Signs of Connecticut. As a native of the Nutmeg State I remember seeing plenty of these blue signs on various road sides. I also remember Tom talking about photographing all of them. Figures the city of our youth would be the most troublesome. (You’ll have to buy the book for that story.) Now that the book is out I can see why he was so excited about it. Talk about living history. Looking through the book I had many moments of, “I remember that place.” So even if you aren’t up on your Connecticut geography this is still a neat memoir of one kid from Bridgeport’s trek east, west, north and south across the state, culminating in a meeting with the Governor at the last sign to be photographed, the City of Hartford.

Phoenix Comicon 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012 LogoI spent the weekend wandering the halls and exhibitor space of Phoenix Comicon. I get such a warm spot in my heart when I see so many fans of comics, sci-fi and all things geek. How great is it that there is a place we can all make our pilgrimage to once a year, renew old bonds, celebrate our idols and buy cool stuff? Lots of cool stuff. I always come away from these events with such a charge of inspiration. I could probably take the next couple of weeks off from work just jotting down all the cool story ideas. I went this year as a fan, maybe next year I will get a table for my books. I still haven’t graduated from writer to marketer just yet. I am hoping to have both Undead Heart and The 4th Prometheus for sale by next year’s event, there is only 360 days to go.


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Twisted History Is Out

The cover art for Twisted History
For those who like their history shaken, not stirred and with a twist.

Twisted History, the latest anthology to contain one of my short stories, is out now on the Kindle store. All of the works in the anthology feature a different take on history, hence the title. My contribution is a little twist on the secret service, called Midnight Detail. To say any more would give away too much. I do have some plans for these characters beyond this story. I thinking novel here. For now though you will just have read it and the other 11 stories in the anthology. The best part is you can download it for only 99 cents, right now. Get on over to the Kindle store for your bit of Twisted History.

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